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Dive with Roatan's Sharks
Shark Dive Special - Certified Divers ONLY

Cara a Cara Point - 10 to 20 Caribbean Grey Reef Sharks

We Book the Shark Dive on Roatan!

Marco's Place is the location of the worldwide famous Shark Dive in Roatan.

It is organized through the Waihuka Dive Center situated in the main town of Coxon Hole

on the south side of the island. Here is where you will be “face to face” with 8-15 Caribbean Reef sharks, all-female.


A Minimum of 4 Divers is required by the Operator

to offer the dive

After arriving you'll need to set up your equipment and ask for weights if needed. Once everyone is seated the Shark staff will give you a very detailed briefing before leaving the dock. Once on board the Waihuka Dive boat you'll be asked to don your weight system and BCD then you'll head out 2 miles off-shore, around a 20+ minute boat ride you will arrive at the site of the shark encounter called “Marcos Place”. The Dive staff will tie the boat to the underwater mooring and you will have a tagline of 40+ft from the boat to enable you to get to the descending line as the site has a mild/strong current. You will descend down the line to a depth of 70 ft.  As you descend you will already see some of the sharks swimming around in the area below you.


The dive starts in a stationary position, on the sandy bottom. The Divemaster will bring a bucket with frozen fish that at the beginning will be closed. Depending on the current that day there may be the possibility to swim with the Sharks. Take note of the pristine coral and large Barrel sponges, Black groupers and you may see the Green moray eel. Keep a lookout for the Shark's teeth in the sand, you may get lucky with a free souvenir ...  

When the swim with the Sharks is finished, the Divemaster will ask you to go back into the initial position and he will open the bucket at a distance of 6 ft/mtrs. Then the Divemaster will open the bucket for the Sharks to feed, this is where the excitement begins as the Sharks feed in their natural environment. 


The Sharks can measure 5ft to 7ft in length and their lifespan is believed to be around 30 years. The max depth is 22mtrs/75 ft and the bottom time is 30 -35  minutes.


When you get you get back to the Waihuka dive shop after the dive you will watch the video that the videographer will film during your dive ....


Or take your own Video Camera or Digital Camera for your own memories. 


 No, Go Pro Cameras. Shark Dive Operator Policy, Sorry!   

The starting meeting point for the Shark Dive is our Dive Centers Front Desk

in West Bay or Dixon Cove.

First up is paperwork and proof of certification for the divers and waiver forms.

Transport to and from the Shark Dive Operator is included.

Tanks and weights are included and given out by the Shark Dive Operator, you are then required

to set up your own equipment and check it prior to leaving the dock.

Equipment rental is available if required for Divers.

Add $7.50+tax  

A Security/Loss Deposit is required for all rental equipment and its return to the Dive Center. 


All this for just


Includes Return Transport from Roatan Dive Center to

the Shark Dive and back to Roatan Dive Center - Only!

Includes Tanks - Weights at the Shark Dive


Not Available to

Cruise Ship Divers 






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