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SSI Basic Diver Course

Try SCUBA Diving for the first time and dive the Reef 

This program gives you the opportunity to experience the underwater world, in a confined water and open water setting – without committing to a longer certification program. If you decide to become an Open Water Diver within six months of completing your Basic Diver program, your first open water dive will be credited as one of the required training dives.

What's Included :

  • A Dedicated Instructor

  • On-line Enrollment and a short Classroom session and Paperwork & test

  • Your Dive Equipment Rental

  • Shallow Water Skills Practice with your Instructor 

  • A Single Dive to a Maximum 40ft/12m at a dedicated Dive site with your Instructor

  • A Digital Certificate of Participation 

  • FREE On-line Digital Learning

  • FREE Dive Insurance with Dive Assure



What will I learn :

  • During the experience you learn the basic safety guidelines and skills needed to dive under the direct supervision of a SSI  Professional. And then make an open water dive to 40ft/12m.

  • Basic skills and go over the scuba equipment you use and see how easy it is to move around underwater with your gear.

  • Breathe underwater and have fun swimming around and exploring.

  • The Basic Diver can be credited towards the SSI Scuba Diver or SSI Open Water Course within 6 months on completion

  • Dive again for up to 6 months with Supervision with SSI.

What do I need to sign up for a Basic Diver Diving course


  • You must be 10 years old or older.

  • Answer "No" to all the RSTC Medical Forms or get clearance from a Doctor 

  • If Under 18 years old have paperwork co-signed by a parent or guardian.

  • Have at least half a day available for training .


Experience Required :

  • No prior experience with scuba diving is required for this Program.




PRICE : $110.00 inc Digital Materials - Equipment and Tuition and Diving  

And NO Credit Card Surcharge ....





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