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EFR Instructor Course

Emergency First Response Instructor Course with Hyperbaric Overview.


The Emergency First Response CPR & FIRST AID and Care for Children Course Instructor course can be taught by ANYONE The EFR Course has been completely revised to the NEW ILCOR and International requirements In October 2010, the American Heart Association (AHA) and the European Resuscitation Council (ERC), two members of the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) slightly modified the CPR and Emergency Cardiac Care (ECC) guidelines. Emergency First Response programs follow guidelines established by these ILCOR member associations and implement changes whenever protocols are revised.


EFR Instructor Course and EFR Instructor Refresher Courses available on Request :

The Emergency First Response Instructor course provides qualified individuals with the additional training necessary to teach the Emergency First Response Primary Care (CPR), Secondary Care (First Aid) and Care for Children courses. The course builds on the instructor candidate's skills as primary and secondary care providers and focuses on developing their instructional abilities.


Anyone can undertake the Course who has proof of Any - CPR & First Aid Training in the last 24 months. Through independent study, which involves covering the 4 knowledge Reviews in the Front of the EFR Instructor manual in addition to reading the Student Level Manuals in conjunction with the EFR Instructor Manual?


These Topics include Program standards -Care for Children - Human Body Systems - Medical Emergencies. During the classroom sessions, your EFR Instructor Trainer will present an 8 PowerPoint type Presentation covering aspects of the EFR Course and How to Teach the Course etc and practice teaching assignments, instructor candidates learn to conduct the Emergency First Response programs. Individuals who are current CPR/first aid instructors with another qualifying organization may choose to earn the Emergency First Response Instructor rating by completing a prescribed program based on portions of the Emergency First Response Instructor Course or the Emergency First Response Instructor Crossover Program.


The program gives credit for their teaching experience and focuses on familiarizing them with the Emergency First Response program philosophy and structure.EFR - Instructor - Emergency First Response Instructor Training gives you the tools you need to perform and Teach CPR and First Aid. Whether you market a diver or a non-diver. Emergency First Response prepares you to properly handle potentially life-threatening situations. You'll learn how to demonstrate to Instructor Level ALL the EFR Student Level Skills including Positive Coaching Techniques and the structure of a Teaching Presentation - Introduction - Body and Summary. Cover Skills such as Primary Assessment, Barrier Use, CPR, Illness assessment etc.


You'll be able to teach the EFR Student Level Course upon confirmation from PADI to anyone, even if they are not Divers and you DO NOT have to be affiliated with a PADI Dive Facility to teach it. You can teach it at Home at Work. It's an investment in you! we start every EFR Instructor Course with Paperwork and Student Video - from here we comprehensively show you how to teach the Course and we review every Skill from start to finish.


The course is undertaken over a full day and a half, the Instructor Final Exam is Open Book like all EFR Courses Don't compromise Experience and Qualifications in Your Training.


1.5 Day EFR Instructor Course $150 

Materials extra

EFR Instructor Application - paid directly to PADI -  Extra






Hyperbaric Overview :

Your PADI Course Director and EFR Instructor Trainer is also a Qualified DMT - Dive Medical Technician. Gary is a registered DMT Hyperbaric Dive Medic with the United States National Board.6 years as a U.S National Board Dive Medical Technician and EMT-B has given your Instructor Trainer a wealth of experience unmatched on Roatan.


Don't compromise Experience and Qualifications in Your Training ..During EFR Instructor Course with Hyperbaric Overview, you'll learn some of the secrets for quick assessments for Dive Related Injuries. Plus How and what is looked at during the initial Patient examination prior to any in Chamber Recompression.


Does and don't when administering Oxygen. We'll look at the U.S. Navy Table and why Oxygen is vital as soon as you suspect DCS and an In-Depth view of Hyperbaric Medicine.


This is just a small part of the New EFR Instructor Training Platform for learning as a Dive Pro.

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