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Covid Dive Protocols at Roatan Dive Center

Understanding Local Island Protocols during the Pandemic
And Protocols for Diving with Roatan Dive Center

Roatan Dive Center
All Dive Staff & Owners have been fully Vaccinated
and have their Vaccination Cards

Roatan Dive Center follows all required local 
Covid-19 Protocols set out by the 
Honduran Government Agencies
Roatan Municipal
And Local Health Authorities
And  Advisories from
DAN - Divers Alert Network
And both Dive Agencies

For Safety and Enjoyment during your
time with us or on Roatan we ask that
you please comply with the following
Local requirements
when entering businesses
in Roatan
Including Roatan Dive Center

Wear a quality Mask 
Temperature checks upon entry
Social Distance at all times
Wash Hands with Hand Sanitizer 

Please let our Staff know if you feel unwell at anytime
this can be a discreet verbal communication
away from other divers

Whilst on the Dive Boat
Once we leave the dock and head out to
the Dive sites we ask that you sit slightly apart
the Face Mask is optional but recommended
With the Pre-Dive Safety check 
avoid touching other divers’ equipment,
especially those parts 
that come into close contact with the
diver’s face and mouth.
A visual buddy check should be carried out, with 
self-demonstration and verbal confirmation
Keep you Dive Gear together  
Use Hand Sanitizer
If you would like to Disinfect your 2nd stages
post diving let a staff member know
We can supply a Bleached solution
to soak equipment in, 

Diver Training
We follow all the required Guidelines 
set out by each specific Dive Agency in
regards to their individual Dive Course
and Course performance requirements
Such as Alternate Air Source use
Pre-Dive safety check
In-water resuscitation
and revised 
Rescue protocols

Since Re-Opening 
Inline with Dive Center Covid-19 Protocols
For Safety of Our Divers and Students

Equipment Rental

We follow the protocols set out by
DAN-Divers Alert Network
regarding Dive Equipment

All our Rental Dive Equipment
has been disassembled, cleaned, serviced
with new parts and reassembled.
Including All Regulators
All BCD's and Power Inflators

Tanks emptied and refilled
and valves serviced
Including Nitrox Tanks

Mask's & Snorkels 
cleaned and soaked
in a Bleached solution

After any Rental
Regulator 2nd Stages & Mouth pieces
BCD's and Deflator assemblies 
Mask and Snorkels
are all
cleaned and soaked
with a
10:1 Bleach solution
and then
rinsed with fresh water
and then followed by
an antiseptic mouthwash
Before being put back into service. 

After Re-Opening and prior to using
our Coltri Dive Compressor 
had a full serviced
cleaned inside the cabinet
new oil change
new drive belt
as well
as many new updated parts
filter tower assembly removed cleaned
new High Pressure hose
new fill whip hoses
And lastly and most important
the Compressor air intake hose
was cleaned, bleached, rinsed.
It's 100% Clean Filtered Air  


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