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We‘re all responsible for protecting our aquatic resources. With our Responsible Diver Code, we want to make everyone aware of the environmental problems from the start. We want them to think critically, and take positive action whenever they travel and dive.

At Roatan Dive Center we expect all our divers to be constantly aware of the environment 

when diving, under the water good buoyancy is imperative, do not touch the coral reef or tease or harass the marine life

And expect the same from others you dive with and we expect it from our Dive Professionals. 

Only use a swim-through if you can do so without touching anything
Don’t swim or snorkel too close to the reef
Don’t touch or break corals
Use labeled entrances/exits for the water
Don’t disturb the sand, since it reduces visibility and smothers corals
Don’t hunt or bother animals
Don’t touch animals unless properly trained
Don’t feed animals
Don’t take souvenirs from the sea - broken coral pieces or empty snail shells still serve as useful habitat
Only place a reef hook where it will not damage or disturb the reef
Do not disturb animals or habitat to improve your photo opportunity  

And Remember to Buy your Roatan Marine Park Fee Bracelets

at just $10.00 per year 

At Roatan Dive Center our local morning 2 Tank dives leave at 8.30am returning to the dive center around 12.00pm and in the afternoon we offer a single-tank trip at 2.00pm. Dive Excursions are available to dive sites further away including West End and Sandy Bay and East End trips.

We offer dedicated Night dives upon request with a minimum 3 divers.


As part of our uniqueness, we offer a full valet service, where we do the work and you just dive!

Onboard are Full Scuba Tanks all in hydro test, DAN Oxygen & DAN First Aid kit and a dive spares kit, purified water, and fresh fruit all on board. Gear storage is available throughout your stay for convenience. We dive in small groups and provide a knowledgeable and experienced Dive Professional to guide the dive, coupled with depths and profiles for experienced and beginner divers.

Dive times are flexible (up to 60 minutes air permitting) depending on variables like air consumption, actually planned and previous dive profiles and most sites and dive profiles allow the divers to ascend close to the boat at around the 45-50 minute mark, meaning the whole group is not affected if someone gets low on air. 


Most dive sites offer a stationary entry and return to the dive site mooring line, on others we drift and do a live drop. We select our dive sites based on conditions and our diver’s interests. There is no set weekly dive site schedule so, feel free to tell us what type of dives you like and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.  We are ideally located on the South Shore of the island, in an idyllic corner of the Dixon Cove at Casa Nikte, just minutes from Roatan's Top Dive sites. Coupled with road access all the way from the main road to the large car park by the Dive Center. On Staff we have some of the Most Qualified and Experienced PADI Professionals found anywhere in the Bay Islands, making your dive experience or Scuba Training even more enjoyable. Roatan Dive Center is a full-service Dive Center and both the Dive Center & Resort are open to resort guests and the general public every day. Enjoy our small personalized groups and professional service diving.


We are a DAN - Divers Alert Network Center and a PSi Training Facility. As well as a dedicated R.E.E.F Field Station, undertaking Fish and Turtle Surveys as part of our Unique Eco-Divemaster Internship .. Go Pro 


Dive Shop Features:


An SSI and PADI Resort offers long Lazy Boat Dives Daily and the most Qualified & Experienced Staff.

Night Dives upon request. Unique On the Water location and Free Parking at the Casa Nikte in Dixon Cove.

Full Professional Dive Service - You just dive!

Rental Gear Available if required Multi-media Classroom Private Dock on the water and set right on the Beach

and sun loungers On-site Gear Storage & Showers PADI e-learning available - start today at home prior to arrival.  

Dive Shop Location: 5 Minutes from the Airport - Cruise Ship Docks and Ferry Terminal. Water Front location in Dixon Cove

Located directly off the main Principal Road and NO Parking headaches  Local Clinic and Hyperbaric Chamber .Private Beach and Bar/ Grill 


Roatan's Most Highly Qualified & Experienced Staff.

Our Experienced SSI & PADI instructors teach the full range of SSI & PADI courses up to and including Professional Level.
Massive range of SSI & PADI Continuing Education courses up to 20+ Specialties
Extensively Knowledgeable Staff 
PADI Courses all taught to a higher standard than required. 



Your Diving Location:

The Caribbean's most diverse Eco-system on our doorstep.

Roatan's dive sites only minutes away.

The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef is your playground.

Just minutes from all the dive sites, so NO 1-hour long boat rides.

 Mary's Place, Mr Bud, Prince Albert. 

Special Dives upon request as an excursion, additional costs may apply!. 

3 x Wreck Dives minutes from the Resort

Wall Dives - Drift Dives - Deep Dives & Shallow Dives all available.

Snorkeling sites within 5 minutes. 

National Protected Marine Park Environment.


The Small Details :

Owner run Dive Center

Flexible Dive Times for Cruise ship divers.

Excursion available  

Dive gear storage area for hanging your BCD and wetsuit, fins and weights, etc
Private changing rooms

Dockside Showers 

Separated rinse tanks and drying rack
Our valet diving service will set up your BCD and regulator on the boat, change it over between dives and rinse it when the day is over.

After your last dive, your gear is rinsed & hung to dry for you ready for the next day or dive ...


Roatan has every kind of Diving


Amazing array of Roatan dive sites :

Wall's - Deep - Drift - Wreck -Shallow - Sand or Coral we have it all. Expert instruction for all levels – learn to dive or earn a new certification.

Roatan's most experienced and Qualified Staff.

Dedicated Shark Dive at an extra cost.

With 2 -Dives every morning our dive boats depart at 8.30 am for a 2 Tank Dive followed by an afternoon excursion at 2.00pm 


And approximately 5.45pm for the Night Dive.

Dives available any night of the week. Weather permitting, 4 divers minimum, must be requested at least 24 hours in advance - Certified divers only


Our Dive Sites: Paradise Underwater:


Sites start at approximately 20 feet, making them suitable for both shallow and deep dives

Sites are chosen daily based on diver skill/certification level, weather conditions, and diver preference

All sites are part of the Roatan Marine Park - Local Laws Apply during all dives!





Roatan is a lush, tropical island surrounded by the world’s second largest barrier reef. Situated in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Honduras in crystal clear waters, it’s an ideal scuba diving destination. With its thriving coral reef and abundant marine life, Roatan has been a well-kept secret of dedicated divers for many years.


Water temperature: 78 to 84F (25 to 29C) year-round

Visibility: 60′ to 100′ (18 to 30m) most days

Currents: minimal

Attractions: coral reef with dramatic vertical walls, crevices, and swim-throughs, as well as two wrecks

Dive site depths: 20’ to 120’ (6 to 36m), but the wall drops well past recreational dive depths
Diver skill level: beginner to advanced

The Roatan Marine Park maintains the permanent mooring buoys on all the dive sites, patrols the area to enforce the laws for protecting fragile marine life. A Marine Park Fee is mandatory of $10.00 per year or $5.00 per day - Give Generously it's a Conservation Fee!  


Due to the ever-changing nature of the ocean, we are unable to guarantee sightings of particular creatures.

However, we typically see all kinds of marine life on our dives, including green moray eels, nudibranchs, flamingo tongues, channel clinging crab, lobster, cleaner shrimp, filefish, trunkfish, trumpetfish, triggerfish, butterflyfish and angelfish. Our reef features lush soft coral gardens as well as healthy areas of hard coral.

We see Turtles, Eagle Rays, Sting Rays, Seahorses, Brain Corals, Horse-eyed Jacks, Octopus, Pipefish, Nurse Sharks and much more ...

What Our Scuba Diving Guests Say About Us..... 

We have an excellent time with this dive center. It is conveniently located right next to Fosters West Bay where we stayed. We literally walked down the steps into the dive shop and were greeted by friendly staff who took care of all our needs.

It was valet diving at its best. They took care of everything including dive planning loading our equipment taking excellent care of us throughout the dive and taking care of all the equipment afterward. Rates were quite reasonable. Dives were excellent.

Most of all the friendly staff made us feel like family. It is a definite do over and I would recommend this to anybody.

As a five-star PADI center, they had new equipment and excellent service.

Trip Advisor Diver Feb 2019

Resort Guest

" I did my Advanced Diver certification with Gary & Mary a few years ago, I dive with them every time I am back in Roatan. They are extremely professional, the dive shop is absolutely wonderful and they are great people. I can't say enough wonderful things about them, from service to friendliness they have it all. Roatan Dive Center is my ONLY choice when visiting this lovely island. "

Joan P

U.S.A - Diving and Adv Course

Diving in Roatan is Heaven!

Wow! I can't say enough great things about Roatan Dive Center! First off let me start by saying we were all beginner divers. I had an American friend who lived in Honduras for 17 years he told us we must dive Roatan. He said he recommended Gary Miller at Roatan Dive Center. I Facebook messaged Gary and he responded promptly. We all 5 did the discovery dive program because none of us were certified. Mary and her staff took us out and did training right in front of the dive shop. They were friendly and professional. I struggled to learn a bit but the team was patient and got us comfortable under the water. We went out and dove and boy did they take us to paradise. I was in love. We ended up diving 5 more times. Mary was a complete angel and made sure nervous me was perfect every time. The team always chose the perfect dive spots for the conditions. Their boats are small and so are the groups. We were so spoiled every time. I'm already planning my next trip. Best tour I have ever done.


U.S.A - Resort Guest

"Amazing staff + amazing dive sites = Top notch dive center
Recently spent 10 days on Roatan with the goal of getting my open water certification with my girlfriend. Reached out to the shop by email before arrival, Gary was very prompt with replies and got everything arranged for us to get started with the course before landing on the island. Unfortunately, the weather gods did not play in our favor and we were met with strong winds and poor visibility the first few days. I was eager to get started diving, but Gary suggested we wait it out to be sure we enjoyed the experience, he even let us join on the dive boat to snorkel a wind-protected dive site while we were waiting to start classes. After the weather cleared we spent the next few days learning SCUBA. Mary (divemaster) and Al (captain) became a second family during our time spent at Roatan Dive Center. Both incredibly friendly, passionate and knowledgeable about the sport. Our SSI instructor Ernesto was fantastic, he really made the training experience very enjoyable. A truly passionate professional and by the end of our trip we were out sharing a few drinks together. Gary was also very helpful in arranging transportation from our hotel to the airport and offering up local insight to improve our first time Roatan visit. I can't wait for a return trip to dive with Roatan Dive Center. I am not one to leave reviews often, but I was compelled to share how amazing my experience was with the shop. 
Thanks, Gary, Mary, Ernesto, Al and Christoph for the wonderful memories. - Alex and Adriana "

Alex P

California U.S.A

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