Best Value Cruise Ship Diving on Roatan

Shark Dive Special - Certified Divers Only !

Must have your Own Dive Equipment

and have proof of diving within the last 6 months

In Our " Shark Dive Package " we offer a dedicated Shark Dive on the South Shore of Roatan , and within 12+ minutes of the Cruise Ship Docks.


Cara Cara, which in Spanish means Face to Face, is the worldwide famous Shark Dive in Roatan. It is organized by Waihuka situated in the south side of the island. Here is where you will literally be “face to face” with 10-15 Caribbean Reef sharks, mainly all female.


The very expert staff will give you a very detailed briefing in the dive shop. After a 20 minutes boat ride you will arrive at the site of the shark encounter called “Marcos Place”. You will have a system of lines from the boat and a descending line too, as the site is often characterized by mild, strong current. You will descend on a flat plateau at the depth of 70 ft.  As you descend you will already see all the sharks swimming around in the area.


The dive starts in a stationary position, you will have a little wall behind you, that means the sharks will never come from behind you. The divemaster brings a bucket with fish that at the beginning will be close. If the current is not too strong you will have the possibility to swim with them and that makes you experience spectacular. Swimming around you will see large Barrel sponges, amazing soft corals, Black groupers, Green moray eel and schools of Horse eye jacks.


When your tour finish, your divemaster will ask you to go back into the initial position and he will open the bucket at a distant of 10 ft. And now the real show begins! All the sharks will fight to have the best bite. When the bucket is empty usually the sharks leave, and you will have the possibility to find in the same area where they fed them little tooth to take home as memory.


The Sharks can measure up to 10ft in length and their lifespan is believed to be around 25 years.

The max depth is 70ft and bottom time 30 - 35 minutes.


Please be aware ships time and Island time maybe different , all cruise ships keep the local time of the port they leave , so bare in mind that ships time and Roatan time are not the same , so we'd love to help you make the most of your excursion time.


We offer Port pick-up and return transport and 1 Single Shark Dive without dive gear rental, the dive itself is lead by a staff member at the Shark Dive Operation. The Shark dive facility has changing rooms and bathrooms.

The Shark Dive Operator requires a minimum of 4 divers on the day we will e:mail confirmation 24hrs prior to docking, if for any reason the Shark Dive is cancelled then we'll offer our 2 Tank Dive Package and refund the difference.    




All this for just $120.00 per person 

Inc Return Transport - Shark Dive Guide, Tanks and Weights.